Voice samples of the fraudsters

On this page there is a compilation of voice samples from various fraud companies. Do you recognize any of the voices? Do you even know who this person really is or do you have a photo of this person?

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Mark – The Operator!

All gangster companies have the same “operator”: Mark.

Mark seems to be older than the other members of the gang. Do you recognize his voice?

Mark – “The Operator”

William “Combes” of Gentry Wilson Partners, Irvine Humphries Global, Ward Henderson Management, Lewis Bentley Group and probably all other fraudsters…

Whenever one of the investment scammers has persuaded a “client” to buy supposedly super-bargain shares, the conversation is forwarded to “William”. He politely checks the discussed quantities and amounts and arranges for the invoice to be sent. His role gives the business a serious touch. We have recorded two samples of his voice here:

William “Combes” (Sample 1)
William “Combes” (Sample 2) – Don’t make deals with this voice!

Tony Wallace from Irvine Humphries Global

Tony Wallace from Irvine Humphries Global
Please compare the voice with that of “Tony Lawson” from Gentry Wilson Partners. Similar to the crook Jonathan, he stays true to his first name, but changes his last name with the label of the scam company.

David Harper from Ward Henderson Management

David Harper von Ward Henderson Management

Tony Lawson from Gentry Wilson Partners

Tony Lawson von Gentry Wilson Partners

Jonathan Chapman

there is a Jonathan at Ward Henderson Management (Jonathan Lyons) and a Jonathan at Lewis Bentley Group (here his name is Jonathan Chapman).Probably both Jonathan’s are the same person because the voices sound identical

Jeremy Blythe from Ward Henderson Management

Jeremy Blythe

Charles Murphy from Ward Henderson Management

Charles Murphy

We have additionally published the voice samples on Youtube:

Jonathan Chapman: https://youtu.be/cGeUvSr9wZM

Tony Lawson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_OoOeiuGRc&feature=youtu.be

Charles Murphy: https://youtu.be/I5GExKdoNBU

David Harper: https://youtu.be/hRgLTJCHWpE

Jonathan Lyons: https://youtu.be/yeDkVqmeKjY