The Investment Fraud Scam

The fraudulent scheme of the fraudulent companies we have named is briefly summarised as follows:

  • Calls from Taiwan (cold calling)
  • References to professionally designed websites – partly supported by fakes of well-known media (e.g. Forbes or Wallstreet Journal)
  • Contact details generally without direct connection
  • In contrast to serious investors, the fraudsters avoid names and faces – the websites are kept very generic and impersonal
  • Often, the names of the brokerage companies have similarities with reputable companies.
  • Promotions are offered by companies that are registered in Hong Kong but are not located at the address given. – e.g. the Luk Kwok Centre in Hong Kong is given as the domicile of fraudulent company Data Control Technitic. However, no company of this name is listed at this address!
  • The fraudsters pretending to be brokers usually speak accent-free English (most likely British), which indicates a good to high level of education.
  • Transfer accounts are all opened with HSBC Hong Kong or the Bank of China (BoC) Hong Kong.

We have researched:

  • There are dozens of these alleged “investment advisors” from Taiwan. (Some of the crooks are presented on this website)
  • The websites of these investment advisors are all very new and registered with the provider “Godaddy”.
  • None of these “investment advisors” are registered in Taiwan; these companies are not located at the addresses given.
  • There are dozens of newly established “trading companies” registered in Hong Kong.
  • There are dozens of remittance accounts at HSBC Hong Kong and BoC Hong Kong owned by these trading companies, all of which are newly established.