Investment scammers are now inventing Japan based companies

Important: After various unsuccessful attempts at bribery and blackmail, the gangsters have taken their sites offline!

We are pleased to have spoiled the business of this rabble – even if we now face massive threats. (Sept. 29th 2020)

From Taiwan to Japan: the dress changes of a gang

Taiwan and Japan are not far apart. Such elementary knowledge of geography can be assumed for educated “brokers”, most of whom come from the South of England or the “City” (London). This proximity may have had an inspiring effect on this team of investment fraudsters.  So far, they have mainly been dealing with companies from Taiwan. Now the investment scammers are inventing companies from Japan as investment objects. They have launched no less than seven new “Japanese investment firms” after having used about 15 “Taiwanese brokerage firms” so far. 

Because the only goal of the new “Japan Mission” is to commit even more investment fraud in a highly professional way!

According to our current state of knowledge, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia were initially the center of the raids. But now the “hunting ground” of the gangsters seems to expand to southern Europe.

However, just as “new clothes make a new emperor”, so little do new “Japanese websites” make a serious brokerage firm. 

Therefore: Do not do business with these highly professional investment scammers! Hands off!

Currently, these companies are known to us from Japan of investment fraudsters:

The “modus operandi” is absolutely identical to the previously known procedure. But small changes show that the procedure has been refined. Apparently, the “onboarding” of new customers is now also done via fake websites in addition to “called calls”. Interested investors leave their contact details on these websites. The design of the websites has also improved. Furthermore, the media preparation through fake articles is more widely spread.

Meanwhile the gangsters have officially registered their companies through Gleif. This makes them even better at hiding the fact that they are dummy companies.

The gangsters fake credible media!

In other words, serious media are imitated, as the following examples show:

The Economist

  1. Fake article about  Oita Chuo Pacific Management
  2. Fake article about  Akita Michinoku Capital


  1. Fake article about  Crest View International
  2. Fake article about  Akita Michinoku Capital
  3. Fake article about  Oita Chuo Pacific Management

The Wall Street Journal

  1. Fake article about  Crest View International
  2. Fake article about  Akita Michinoku Capital