About us

We are a group of victims who fell for the scam of these fraudulent companies. Our goal is to put an end to the activities of this gang.

We have decided to inform the public in the coming weeks not only about this fraud but also about all the known details of this large-scale and industrialized fraud. Our information will also include voice recordings of these scammers.

We hope that we can help to stop this industrialized fraud by helping the relevant government institutions and banks to meet their specific responsibilities. Are You a victim as well or do You want to support us: You can reach us by email at WardHenderson.Betrug@web.de.


Phone numbers of the fraudsters

Here we have compiled the telephone numbers currently used by the fraudsters. All appear to originate from the same number space. Sometimes even identical telephone numbers are used for different […]

Voice samples of the fraudsters

On this page there is a compilation of voice samples from various fraud companies. Do you recognize any of the voices? Do you even know who this person really is […]

Business cards of the fraudulent companies

On this page there is a collection of business cards of the “represantatives” of of some of the fraudulent companies. Gentry Wilson Partners Radford Taylor Partners Ward Henderson Management Lewis […]

List of Trade Limiteds used for money transfers.

This page shows a summary of the Trade Limiteds used by the fraudster companies. Never transfer money to any of the companies mentioned here! It will be lost for good! […]

Useful links

An article from Northern Germany describing the case of an unscrupulously cheated pensioner: https://www.kreiszeitung-wochenblatt.de/harsefeld/c-wirtschaft/wertlose-wertpapiere_a156710 The Adiceltic portal maintains a page with plenty of information on this form of investment fraud: […]


Victor Global Trading – News from the Gangsters

The latest profile of a fraudulent company on this website is that of Victor Global Trading. The gangsters have only recently started to appear under this name. If you have […]

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Investment scammers are now inventing Japan based companies

Important: After various unsuccessful attempts at bribery and blackmail, the gangsters have taken their sites offline! We are pleased to have spoiled the business of this rabble – even if we […]

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Irvine Humphries Global: a new scammer

“Irvine Humphries Global” is the latest turd floating in the murky sea of investment fraud! Design and content of their website is fully in line with their previous scamming portals […]

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